Table 4 One Catering

Table 4 One Catering takes these exciting new dishes, with amazing flavors and brings the scheme of home in a delightful atmosphere. If you want to see how some of these meals are made follow me on TikTok @ king.cole.cusine and thanks for your support.


Marquis Harris
803-704-0425 or text us at the above number

Here’s our story

Chef Marquis here. I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan where they have a multicultural food base that is rich in tradition and values. I learned from culinary schools, restaurants and different techniques that I brought with me to South Carolina when I relocated in 2015.

Table 4 One was born in 2021. due to my passion for the culiniary arts I wanted to bring the idea of family back to the table using the same traditions and values that I learned. I want your family to have enjoyable food from various ethnic back grounds that would put a smile on your face and take your stomach to a happy place.